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Create a positive impact on nature, people and economies

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  • Circular Economy Transition
  • Climate Proof Civilization
  • 2030 SDG Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social Impact Innovation & Entrepreneurship

From 5 hours/week, individual or/and teamwork

Online work, free schedule, choose the tasks you prefer

Training and certification included.

Our mission is to enable a human capital transition to a circular economy throughout volunteer programs combined with capacity building online

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Voolunteer from 5 hours/week

  • 5 hours/week

  • Rewarding activities

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Learning content tailor-made to volunteer’s main interests

      • 17 SDGs

      • Circularity Principles applied 

      • Climate Proof Innovation

      • Technology 4.0

      • Social Impact

      • Human Circularity


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